About Us​

A Law Firm that Focuses on Delivering High-Quality Legal Services & Legal Advisory Services with Expertise and Strategic Intent to arrive at Problem Solving with Efficiency.

The Approach towards the Case will be taken up with Speed and Logic, focusing on How to Arrive at the Conclusion. Our Team believes in Saving Our Client’s Time in the Process.

Equipped with a Team of Advocates and Lawyers who are Committed to Solving the Problem in a Faster Way thereby Making it Easy for Our Clients.

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Harini Chandrashekar, Founder 511 Legal. Top Law Firm in Bangalore

About the Founder

An Entrepreneur with a Vision to Solve the Legal Problems faced by Individuals with Ease.

The first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear about Legal Problems is not how to look for a Solution but Fear. 

Harini Chandrashekar is determined to change this thinking about Law in People’s Minds.

Law Preserves, Protects and Provides Individuals with Equality and Freedom. This is the Strong Belief behind Establishing 511 Legal, A Law Firm that Focuses on Solving the Legal Problems.

Our Mission

To Change the Idea of Lawyers and Advocates in People’s Minds. 

Your Lawyer is your Friend in Need. A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed. 

The Moment People start to Believe that their Lawyer is there to Help them solve their problems, the struggle and fight for Justice will have a supporting Hand making the process of fight for Justice not so Challenging but a Rightful Way. 

511 Legal – Your Legal Friend to Support you always.


Hire Top Advocates and Lawyers in Bangalore

A Law Firm with a Vision to Solve the Problems Legally

When you face with Problems with respect to Criminal, Civil or Family Related issues, Always remember there is a Law Firm that can Help you Solve it with Ease. 

511 Legal, making the Legal Process Hassle-Free for Our Esteemed Clients Since its Inception.

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